Who we are

La Casa dei Nonni was born from our desire to live in a small medieval village far from the chaos and noise of the city, in close contact with nature, with its sounds and silences, immersed in the colors of the countryside.

We wanted to live where we were born and raised, continuing to do what our grandparents did before us, laboriously working the little land that these steep hills afford us, where the olive tree, a generous and humble plant manages to ripen its fruit.

And so it was that in 2004, we decided to breathe new life into a large, now empty house, the home of grandparents Armando and Anna Maria, which for more than fifty years had housed the village tavern and a small workshop.

We renovated the Casa dei Nonni with care and passion to create a charming, cozy and relaxing environment that allows you to share with us the silences, the sounds, the colors, the scents of our hills...

We are Andrea and Mariarosa and we welcome you to Casa dei Nonni.

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